Michael Anderson School, Avondale Elementary School District

Not Hungry Tonight is making an impact at the Michael Anderson Elementary School community. During the month of April a partnership developed that provides meals or sandwiches to 22 – 30 school families twice a week. This breaks down to 150 – 200 students and their families getting food.

Teachers were asked to suggest the names of students and families who may benefit, the families were contacted and the meals began to arrive to share with those who were interested. Students are added as the need is recognized.

Parents are thankful to receive this food that students eagerly take home at the end of the day. The school nurse and counselor oversee the distribution of the food. This past week the school nurse had a few extra sandwiches. “I looked in the front office and offered it to a brother and sister waiting to be picked up after school. They accepted the sandwiches and ate them right then. When Mom came to pick them up she told the front office staff that they are homeless. There are staying with friends for right now. She is employed, but struggling. “

The nurse said sandwiches and meals also went to another family that is struggling with stable housing and staying in a motel. “I don't know all the reasons, but they were absent two days this week, but they did attend on the days that meals were distributed.”

Not Hungry Tonight is making a difference in the lives of families in our community.

Karen Frusti, School Nurse
Michael Anderson School

Mercy Housing / Avondale Senior Village

Not Hungry Tonight began delivering their hot meals to Avondale Senior Village March 13, 2015. The residents were excited to have a hot meal delivered to them free of charge. As we age often times food becomes unappealing and a chore to prepare so you can imagine how pleased the residents were to receive the meal.

One resident, Shirley M, has had a difficult time finding the energy to prepare meals for herself. The resident was not going to come out and get her meal until she was convinced to. Shirley came back to let everyone know how good the food was and asked for another! In the weeks since Not Hungry Tonight has been delivering Shirley is one of the first ones in line to get the meal!

Alice Scott, Resident Services Coordinator
Special Needs and Avondale Senior Village

Star Academy, Avondale Elementary School District

Dinner is a chance for parents to bond with their children as they talk about their day and grow as a family. Unfortunately, the majority of students we educate live in situations where the adults in the home are working long hours to provide for their children. Finding the time to prepare a warm meal and having that family time together is challenging.

“Not Hungry Tonight” provides families this opportunity. Providing warm meals for each person in the family allows parents a chance to relax and have this time with their children without the stress of wondering “what” is for dinner and in some cases “how” will dinner happen tonight.

Patrick Becker, STAR Academy Administrator
Avondale Elementary School District

Estrella Mountain Corps, The Salvation Army

Thank you again for all the hard work that Not Hungry Tonight Program does for the community.

I had some of the children come up and say thank you for bringing the meals that the Not Hungry Tonight program provides. Also I had a couple of ladies appreciate the program as they are on a fixed income. The first lady provides for herself and her grandchildren and the other for herself and her son who is handicapped.

We as The Salvation Army truly appreciate partnering with the Not Hungry Tonight program coming out and donating the hot meals; and seeing the expression on adults and children faces appreciating the hot meals even when nothing is said.

I will be talking to families and taking down statements on Fridays when receiving their meals and really getting to know the community and what they think about the program.

Margie Derwin, Estrella Mountain Corps
The Salvation Army

Vianney Villas Apartments

This program is such a blessing! We are looking at about 40 hot plates for the resident's here.

Regina Delgado-Hankins, Property/Housing Manager
Vianney Villas Apartments